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Gulf Islands Ultimate Tour

This tour is specifically designed to mix rowing, tourism and premium accommodation.  If you have never been to the West Coast of Canada, this seven-day tour will get you to experience the best of it. You will have the unique opportunity to stay, hike, visit and land on no less than five islands. Beknown for its abundant wildlife, the Gulf Islands won’t spare anything for you. Check out the detailed information of the Gulf Island Ultimate Tour. You might row alongside seals, sea lions, or porpoises while bald eagles may whistle above your head. A pod of orcas may even appear in front of your bow.

We all like to row and get in sync with our crew but after a nice morning or day on the water you will appreciate a hot tub, a glass of local wine or a dinner prepared by a french Chef. Our experienced team will guide you on and off the water, and share with you their passion for rowing, and nature.

If you enjoy rowing, a pint of local craft beer, the comfort of a nice bed in the evening, and if you are looking for an exclusive and unique way of feeling and seeing the Canadian West Coast, this tour is for you.

Getaway Price: CAD $2990 (+%5 GST)